Trust Well Network professionals are experts in auditing your workforce and optimizing your company's human balance sheet.

We use targeted data, and statistical analysis of your current people, to ensure they are in the most effective positions for maximum performance.

"You don't hire for skills,
you hire for attitude.
You can always teach skills."

Herb Kelleher

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During the assessment process, we utilize our proprietary
Core Motivation Analysis (CMA) solution system.
CMA's dynamic dashboard allows any organization
to operationalize the data for system-wide programs.


This survey results in a clear picture of who a person is.
The proprietary automated system provides unlimited
comparisons and statistics.
The CMA takes just 10-12 minutes to complete and measures:
- Motivation (what we pay attention to)                
- Thinking (how we interpret our environment)  
- Behavior (how we act out in our environment)

The CMA was developed and validated by a renowned clinical I/O psychologist using the theoretical model of Millon.

Easy to test. Easy to Analyze. Easy to Implement.


"The CMA motivational reports tell me more about a human being than I can find in a 3 hour interview. I understand peoples' strengths, weaknesses, and how to help them be successful as I manage, motivate and recruit talent."
Mark Grazman, CEO Message Control, Chicago, IL
"CMA helps me coach people through customized wellness and weight loss programs. It identifies areas in which my clients can more effectively deal with mental and emotional components to create the successes they're looking for. "
Dr. Amy Laquinta, Clinic Director  Phoenix Healing S.C., Northfield, Illinois

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We’ve got you covered.
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Have a question?
We’ve got you covered.
Do personality tests really work for employee decisions?
Why is the CMA better than other Personality tests?
CMA is validated with the most used personality test, with a validity coefficient of .85 and takes 12 minutes with automated results. It looks at personality and the underlying Motivation, the Thinking and Behavior styles, while others do not. CMA measures personality to assess the best, most natural environments for the individual.
Is certification necessary?
Certification is not needed. You manage the program and have access to automated results. TWN provides very reliable assistance to help you create a multitude of processes.
If I have people who have proven less effective working from home, will testing them help change this?
A significant benefit of the CMA results is the simplicity of understanding various factors in thinking and behavior styles to help guide the best types of training and development needed.
How do I order tests and send them out?
The registration process is automated for both individuals and company administrators. Test-takers are invited either individually, or in groups. Reports go to the administrator and Test-taker if desired. You can test remotely from anywhere.
Where do I get help if I get stuck in the automated process, or need help with the results?
Our automated system is full of helpful tips, and our office staff can assist as needed to enhance your outcomes
Is your test better than sliced bread?
It’s a close call. We like to say that we’re “the next best thing to Sliced Bread. In fact, our test is better!
We at Trust Well Network are always here for you.