Lenny LaCour and Dr. Robert "Uri" Heller podcasts
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 How to be a team player and competitive at the same time!
It’s okay to be assertive and competitive but understand the personalities you are working with and what is acceptable within the culture of your work team.

 How Generations can grow together.
Hosts Lenny LaCour and Dr. Robert Heller speak with Christina Alves and Marie Mozzi about ways to deal with cross generational communication and the importance of mentors.

 Do you want Happiness or Satisfaction?
TWN Founders talk about the difference between being happy or attaining total satisfaction. Do your own motivational analysis, getting paid might make you happy but achieving your personal goals leads to a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction.

 Is delegation a sign of weakness?
Do you delegate the right tasks to the right people and give clear direction with clear expectations? Dr. Robert Heller and Lenny LaCour discuss the importance of being a good delegator and good leader to improve teamwork.

People Thrive When Successful!
Dr. Robert Heller and partner Lenny LaCour talk about why people do better in life and work when they are given the training and skillsets to match their personalities.