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$24.95 per survey credit
(10 initial minimum)
  • Administration dashboard with instructions to understand CMA automated system
  • Identifies individual and group training needs
  • Profile examples for comparing tester results
  • All survey results on one page for comparison, team building, and repositioning
  • Identifies optimal task matches for management, technical, and sales/service     positions
  • 12-month continuous access for maintaining administration system and data management
  • Do-It-Yourself simplicity. No certification or special training required.
Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Connect with us for consultation and custom pricing of any of the  options below.
  • Custom profiling program using CMA for repositioning, coaching & teambuilding
  • Create group training to meet required thinking and behavior standards
  • Create strategic placement and positioning, based upon analytics for personnel placement and effective project planning
  • Team and Board development
  • Every organization has unique characteristics, so we'll work with you to devise a custom solution that addresses your specific needs.
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Prices are per year subscription
For all the programs additional tests can be purchased as needed at $24.95 each
Initial minimum amount of test credits to be purchased is 10

You can upgrade to one of our other packages, at any time for more features and benefits.
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Problems and Solutions from the managing partners

Problem: My staff is not effective when problem-solving
Reposition your teams for maximum productivity

Problem: How can i duplicate my most effective people and teams?
Attract the right people and redeploy staff to maximize productivity and build stronger teams.

As a consultant with diverse clients, how can i better communicate with different personalities?
Solution: The Core Motivational Analysis can quickly help you better understand each client's individual needs and approaches.

We are rapidly losing people due to "the big quit" and already understaffed; what can we do?
Attract and reposition staff to improve retention and put the right people in the right roles.

As a manager having trouble motivating my staff; how can i improvement and get my expectations met.
Understand the motivations, needs, and desires of yourself and the people you lead. Assign the right people to the tasks best suited to them, and you will begin to see success.