Two men. One vision.

A word from the managing partners

Managers make the most of TWN’s insights and assessment tool. They also understand the value  of asking (the right) questions to get the right answers.

The most important issue for your organization is to consider how well you tackle the next few months. The Covid-19 Pandemic has forced  companies to re-think the ways in which its employees work, via flex-time, remote-from-home, or in the office.

Talk with our team about your unique situation, and we’ll use real data about your employees to provide you insights and actionable advice on how to continually increase employees’ satisfaction and your bottom line - simultaneously.

America, we’re going back to work!
Are you ready?

With 150 Million Americans fully vaccinated already, and another 60+ Million expected over the next two months, state legislatures are racing each other to open up for business.

Our Trust Well Network team has devised methods for making your “re-entry” as successful as possible. Our Core Motivation Analysis can be used as an effective assessment tool to help managers efficiently position team members where they can perform their best work, and with the most joy, whether at-home or in your newly opened office; or some combination of the two as flex-time becomes the modern way to work.

LaCour, Heller and the TWN team can help you make sense of the data you collect, so that your employees’ CMA results lead to truly measurable improvements in the real world.


Get Started.
  • Administrative Page
    & Dashboard

    Includes 10 test credits & 12 months membership for maintaining the automated CMA administration and data management system
  • Provides profile examples for comparing tester results
  • Presents all tester results on one page for comparison, team building, and repositioning
  • Identifies optimal task matches for administrative/management, technical/operation, and sales/service positions
    individual and group training needs and more
  • Do It Yourself simplicity!
Enhanced Analytics
Do more with Data.
Everything in the Essential Package plus . . .
  • The Statistical Summary Report allows you to view any group as a whole, including statistical percentages of personalities, thinking, and behavior styles
  • The Future Repositioning Plan enables succession planning
  • Provides data-driven guidance for proper culture balance
  • Identifies changes in thinking and behavior style changes after training
  • Provides an overview of an individual’s strengths and traits (Useful for making strategic team deployment decisions.)
  • The customized report offers solid visualization of team attributes compared to the company’s task needs
Custom Programs.
Everything in Enhanced Analytics plus your choice of any of the custom options below...
  • A TWN Custom profiling program using CMA for repositioning, coaching & teambuilding
  • Create group training to meet required thinking and behavior standards
  • Create strategic placement and positioning based upon analytics for personnel placement and effective project planning
  • Team and Board development
  • Every organization has unique characteristics, so we'll work with you to devise a custom solution that addresses your specific needs
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