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Robert Heller, Ph.D
Robert Heller, Ph.D

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Robert Heller, Ph.D


Robert (Uri) Heller Ph.D. practices both as a Clinical and Organizational Psychologist, unique in his field. He has provided actionable insights and recommendations as a Psychologist, Coach, and Management Consultant for 35+ years.

Heller’s doctoral work examined the effect of organizational climate/culture and personalities related to a company’s success or failure. He further advanced his insights by developing personality profiling systems for U.S. franchises that help them to target and select “best-fit” individuals for their distinct operational needs.

Applying the same strategy, Dr. Heller created a unique process to better understand individuals and teams. The result has been threefold: 1)  Managing others productively, 2) Meeting goals more effective and successful, and 3) Determining barriers to goal achievement to knock them down!

By joining forces with Lenny LaCour, Dr. Heller has been able to broaden his positive impact on the working world, providing an eminently usable profile and analysis system.

As an expert in psychological assessment, Dr. Heller developed personality profiling systems to help create the best people fit into their operations. His clients range across several industries, including Century 21, Franchise Architects, Circle K, Mrs. Fields, multinational conglomerate Reliance Ind., Ltd., and many others.

In the world of Academia, Dr. Heller co-chaired Adler University’s Department of Counseling Psychology, and served as DePaul University’s Chairman of the Public Service and Administration Service Center. He obtained his PhD. and served on the faculty of the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.