High-performing teams don’t always come easy. While you don’t just stumble across a workforce of goal-oriented, responsible, motivated experts, building high-performing teams isn’t out of the question.

There’s no one simple strategy for building a high-performing team; but instead, it takes a bit of creativity and dedication to achieve. Creating high-performance teams involves bringing in the right members, giving each individual a clear role, boosting team dynamics, creating a harmonious environment, and investing in team development.

While each strategy may sound simple, it takes time and effort to achieve. However, with a bit of patience and guidance, you’ll be equipped to handle managing high-performance work teams.

The Benefits of Building a High-Performance Team

High-performance team goals are essential to both employees and the overall organization. For employees, this is key because:

There are many benefits to creating high-performance teams, and the role of leadership for high-performing teams cannot be overlooked. Those specifically focused on the performance of the workforce do a great deal to boost productivity - an investment that’s certainly worth making in the long run.

High-performance team goals are essential to both employees and the overall organization. For employees, this is key because:

  • It helps keep employees focused and engaged
  • Creates one common goal
  • Opens communication
  • Fosters shared values

For an organization, high-performance work teams can:

  • Help offer better client service
  • Improve engagement
  • Create more knowledge and independence
  • Motivate employees to go above and beyond

The list of perks can go on and on, but you must first learn how to create a high-performing team to reap the benefits.

5 Ways to Build a High-Performance Team

How to Build a High Performing Team

Understanding how to create a high-performing team is essential to boosting your company’s success, and with these five simple strategies, you can get your team on the right track.

#1: Bring the Right Members on the Team

Finding the right people for the job is the first step in building a high-performing sales team. By finding the right people, each equipped with the necessary skills for their role, you can majorly boost the company’s success as a whole.

There’s not just one characteristic a team member needs to help make the whole workforce strong. When looking for team members, consider:

  • The skillset their unique role requires
  • The necessary mindset
  • A drive to work within a team
  • Someone good with change

Additionally, when considering the high-performance team building guidelines, it’s important to note team size. According to a McKinsey report, the best teams have 6 to 10 team members. Any less and the team will lack diversity, but with too many, the team won’t be as effective. It’s certainly a balancing act!

#2: Give Each Member a Clear Role

To have an effective team, each team member must clearly understand their role. Seems obvious, right? We often see a degree of ambiguity between roles, but it’s vital that each person explicitly understands their role in the team.

Additionally, a leader can create a high-performance team by assigning roles with precise logic, with each decision and role assignment selected for the person taking it on. This will allow each team member to reach their full potential.

#3: Make Sure to Focus on Team Dynamics

Once you’ve found the right people for each role, it’s essential to focus on team dynamics.

Team dynamics include zeroing in on team objectives and goals. This is essential to allow each team member to achieve success while still collaborating to work together towards this common goal.

While working towards these goals, it’s also important that team members have the same motivation to reach them. It’s up to the team leader to keep them motivated and excited to achieve their goals.

#4: Resolve Conflicts and Maintain Harmony Within the Team

Conflict is one of the most apparent obstacles in creating a high-performance team and one that must be handled immediately to ensure success.

Differing opinions are to be expected, and working together every day is sure to cause some tension. However, addressing any disputes must be done immediately to avoid a small disagreement turning into a long-term rift within the team. Creating harmony within the team will help everything run smoothly. By taking a collaborative approach to talk through issues, you can ensure your team solves current conflicts while preventing new ones.

#5: Invest in Team Development

Focusing on the future of your team and investing in their growth is one of the best tips. When asking how to build a high-performance team in the workplace, consider how team development factors into improving your team’s skill set. It helps employees feel as though they can expand their careers without leaving the company.

You can invest in the team with additional training, so they are always learning more and offering them more leadership roles to share their ideas and opinions to continue to adapt to the team.

Investing in your workforce will only make them stronger - equipping them with the skillset and confidence to tackle any task.

How Do I Get Started?

Creating high-performance teams is essential to allowing your company to thrive, and it doesn’t just happen on its own. Putting in the work to develop a highly efficient team, noting strengths, and boosting collaboration, can help create a team that works together towards a common goal.

Cultivating this team starts during the hiring process, particularly during that “forming” stage when someone is getting to know the company and the team without yet forming a commitment. At this time, your HR staff can help guide the potential new team member, clearly laying out their potential role and goals while also utilizing assessment tools to help facilitate the team-building process. This stage is essential to building a high-performance team as you share expectations with employees and get to know them better as well, and they are the perfect match for the team.

We Have the Right Solution

Not sure what assessment tools are most valuable when managing high-performance teams? We have a solution.

The Core Motivation Analysis is a 66-question test that offers a comprehensive assessment, analyzing 16 different personality traits to understand an individual’s motivations better, thinking, and behavior. Sounds like a lot, right? While this test yields a lot of information, it takes under 15 minutes - all while equipping you with the information you need to ensure the person you’re considering hiring is the right candidate for the job, making an informed decision to build an efficient team.

The Core Motivation Analysis works to select the best candidates and place them in the most effective roles by:

  • Using the assessment to understand an applicant for who they are
  • Gaining insights into their strengths
  • Understanding what they need from others to be successful

The Core Motivation Analysis ultimately does a great deal of research for leadership, providing the necessary insights to build a stellar team.

We’re Always There For You

From finding the right team members to assigning clear roles and creating a harmonious work environment, a lot goes into building a high-performing team; the benefits are truly worth the effort. Ultimately, a high-performing team means a successful company, and that’s one goal we all have in common.

If you need help understanding the results to best boost your team, our experts at Trust Well Network are ready to advise you, helping you build the most effective team. Contact us at 312-919-1676 to get started today.