Everyone brings something different to the table in terms of unique strengths and perspectives, and when it comes to the workplace, personal strengths are incredibly important.

While all of our personal strengths are positive, there are particular strengths of a person at work that can make a world of difference. Good personal strengths for jobs can lead to incredible career opportunities and success, and they are something employers and aspiring employees are looking for to build strong teams. But what’s considered a “good” personal strength for work? There’s an array of sought-after strengths that are best for the workplace, and the top ones for you will vary depending on the field you work in, but the most common ones are universally praised.

To help you succeed in the workplace, we share the most covetable work strengths and how to identify which apply to you. Let’s dive right in!

What Are Personal Strengths?

So, what are personal strengths for jobs? Personal strengths for job application submissions are typically skills that can be applied to any work environment or job and ones that will foster strong relationships and more technical skills that will create a seamless workplace.

When determining your personal strengths for your applications or in preparation for interview questions, it’s important to consider how the strengths you embody apply to the job. Why does your strength make you the perfect candidate for the role?

No, this doesn’t have to be a stressful task. Think back to previous projects and things you’ve done before and what helped you succeed. What are personal strengths you can divulge from those experiences? Once you’ve figured those out, you can then surely find ways to connect to a new role.

The Most Important Personal Strengths at Work

The Most Important Personal Strengths at Work

If you’re stumped about what to list as personal strengths at work and looking for some inspiration, we are sharing the top strengths of a person at work that employers look for. Check them out, and see what applies to you!


A goal-oriented person that’s focused on reaching towards success at all times is always an appreciated strength. This person will complete tasks with this goal in mind, constantly striving towards an endpoint that gives them daily motivation.

In-Tune Emotionally

The workplace is all about teamwork, and working within a team creates a necessity to be emotionally in tune in order to work well together while remaining considerate of others. Being able to be empathetic and recognize the feelings of coworkers is a powerful skill when it comes to strengths for a person for a job and one that can help create a successful team environment.


Loyalty and dependability are always top strengths in the workforce. This person is on time and can always be counted on to not only complete their work but help others with theirs, too. No matter the chaos the workday brings, a reliable employee is one a supervisor can turn to on the road towards success.


In a busy work environment, things change quickly, so adaptability is great to list in personal strengths for job applications. An adaptable employee can quickly pick up new tasks, change their priorities for the day, and do so with a good attitude.


A self-sufficient employee does not need constant oversight to ensure they are completing their tasks. This strength is a sign of discipline and ensures that no one has to remind you that you have things to do.


Positivity truly is contagious, and this attitude can help make the workdays feel better and brighter - a welcome feeling. A positive attitude is wonderful for more stressful work situations and can help everyone feel motivated to persevere, no matter the task.

Team Player

We’ve talked a lot about teams, so understandably, being a team player is a great work strength. This person will work well with others on projects while simultaneously supporting coworkers to thrive in their roles. The success of one person leads to the success of everyone, and this person recognizes that.

How to Find Your Personal Strengths

How to Find Your Personal Strengths

So, you know some of the top personal strengths for job applications, but how do you find yours? Let’s break it down.

1. Review the job description

To best apply strengths to the position you’re applying to, you need to look at what that specific job is asking for. A good place to start is with the job responsibilities. What are your current job responsibilities? Consider how they apply to the new job. Did you have to be super organized? That’s a great strength!

2. What are your weaknesses?

Another great way to find your strengths is by considering your weaknesses. In looking for ways to improve your work behaviors, take a look at what you are already doing well. To do this, think about what mistakes you often make or day-to-day issues you face and find the positive behind them.

3. Discover your personality type

Finding your personality type can be a great personal strengths test to discover what comes to you naturally. There are many online survey resources, including the Core Motivation Analysis, which dives deep into 16 different personality types, behaviors, and ultimately, strengths.

4. List, list, list!

To make the application process easier moving forward, make a list of your strengths to keep in mind for when it comes to interviewing again. To make it easier on yourself, break these skills down into categories, like personality strengths or specific work strengths (like PowerPoint or InDesign). With a comprehensive list on hand, the interview process will run smoothly.


To help you determine your personal strengths for work, complete our personal strengths test - the Core Motivation Analysis. This quick, online assessment takes just 10-12 minutes, analyzing 16 personality traits to find the one that best matches you. Then, our analysis will reveal your strengths - taking the guesswork out of your search to find true, authentic strengths you can apply to the workplace. Once you have these strengths, you’re sure to excel in both interviews and your new position.

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